ROAD ONE TOWING - Road one went through personal belongings and stole items from my car

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my car was impounded by the police and i was not able to take my belongings.when i was finally able to retrieve everything from my car (purse, shoes, everything) i noticed my camera had been stolen and so was my drivers license right out of my wallet.

my credit card information was copied and was used to make multiple large purchases...$400 worth. i let the tow people knwo immediately about my camera and they assured me that the employees arent allowed into the cars because they're on "police investigation" so their employees "couldnt have done it" ***. then who did it?

i asked if someoen could have gotten into the lot and did it.he claimed their lot is secure....hmmmm

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Completely unprofessional my car was impounded same thing over a thousand dollars worth of my tools they are ***



Antioch, Illinois, United States #736325

Why was your car towed is it possible the police went through your car they tend to do so they also do a police report on your vehicle including inventory if your things were in the vehicle at the time of tow its likely noted if it werw my car and I was not full of *** I'd probably start with the police not complain on a website smells like *** on your end

Shade, Ohio, United States #52505

Check out something called mobbing and gangstalking, it might help to read up on that and see if seems that is what happened to you. The police and others are in on that.


ask about security cameras at the towyard

Lynchburg, Virginia, United States #10585

:cry Here's an idea... don't be a dumb *** and get your *** towed

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #4169

listen,you have to go way beyond hmmmmm,starting with a filed police report on the STOLEN ITEMS and file a complaint as to WHY you weren't permitted to remove your personal belongings leading to identityt theft etc.

also go to your local congressman with copies of the official police report and complaint and politely inform them that some IS responsible and it's not you.

make a big stink and a lotta noise and take care of it and keep hounding them until you get some relevant answers and justice.

...........hope you already contacted motor vehicle and your credit card company.

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